Greater Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Resources for Small Businesses

2023 Seminars

Roger L. Smerage, a business and banking litigation attorney from Ruberto, Israel & Weiner, P.C., presents an hour-long seminar covering key legal basics that every small business owner should be thinking about as the new year gets underway. From big-picture topics such as business organization and governance documents to day-to-day issues including real estate and landlord-tenant interactions, employment, data privacy, and intellectual property, the seminar will touch on many areas where businesses often find themselves in need of legal support. The seminar will also address concepts that many business owners don’t think about until it is too late, such as business succession planning.

2021 Seminars

1/28/2021: Weathering The Perfect Storm.

5/13/2021: Endicott Entrepreneurial Training Series: The Secret to Memorable and Moving Marketing by Lexi Godlewski

8/3/2021: Cybersecurity Seminar with Slingshot Information Systems

4/15/2021: The Basics of Successful Investing

6/9/2021: Endicott Entrepreneurial Training Series: Design Your Work Life by Katie Kilty

10/5/2021: Beauport Hearing Care, WHOLEHearing Seminar with David Bergeron

4/15/2021: Cyber Security Seminar

7/20/2021: Endicott Entrepreneurial Training Series: Essentials of Succession Planning and Management by Rich Weissman

10/26/21: Donors Investments