1921 - Planning to Create Gloucester Chamber of Commerce

  • Gloucester Board of Trade selects an executive committee for the Gloucester Chamber of Commerce Organization campaign. “The scheme on which four male workers from an institution which makes such work a specialty is being pushed by four men workers.” Headquartered in the Gloucester National Bank, six directors will serve a two-year term and six for one year. The original directors elected are Col. Charles F. Wonson, Louis A. Rogers, William J. MacInnis, John F. Perkins, Arthur C. Davis, William E. Kerr, George O. Stacy, A. Piatt Andrew, Charles T. Heberle, Isaac Patch, Fred A. Schackleford, and Thomas J. Carrroll.
  • Gloucester Chamber of Commerce begins to be organized; committees formed and chairmen appointed: Constitution & Bylaws Committee Chairman – Lincoln S. Simonds; Election Committee Chairman – Fred Bradley; Program of Work Committee Chairman – Louis A. Rogers; Forum Committee – Wilfred H. Ringer; New Quarters Committee – Earl O. Phillips
  • Mayor Wheeler calls for a meeting with Gloucester Board of Trade, requesting that they work together despite political differences.