Cape Ann Community Foundation Announces Grant Opportunity

The Board of Directors of the Cape Ann Community Foundation (CACF) announced today that they are inviting proposals for the Foundation’s first-ever round of grants. CACF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization established in 2015 by the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce to manage and award grants from the proceeds from the Cape Ann License Plate.  CACF will make grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 for projects that support the Foundation’s mission to improve the economy and overall quality of life for the residents of Cape Ann in the following areas:

  • Regional promotion: projects that support and enhance the quality of life for the Cape Ann region and the communities of Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea and Rockport; and promote Cape Ann as a desirable place to live, work, recreate and vacation.
  • Economic Development: projects that expand employment opportunities and enhance the economic vitality of Cape Ann, including but not limited to projects that facilitate the start-up of new enterprises or the expansion of existing enterprises on Cape Ann.
  • Training and Education: projects that support the training and education of the current and future Cape Ann workforce, including entrepreneurial training, to help Cape Ann residents succeed and thrive in the 21st century economy.

“Now that the special Cape Ann License Plates are on the road and the Foundation has started to receive funds from the proceeds of license plate sales, my fellow Board members and I feel that it very important that we begin the grant-making process as soon as possible,” said CACF Board President Ruth Pino.

Eligible applicants include religious, educational, scientific and cultural institutions; poverty relief agencies; and in general any organization that qualifies as a 501(c) (3) charity according to the IRS based in or providing services to the Cape Ann community. Local governments and their subdivisions in the communities of Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea and Rockport are also eligible to apply for CACF grants.

Grant guidelines and application forms are now available online at, and they may also be picked up at the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce at 33 Commercial Street, Gloucester.  The deadline for grant applications is July 1, 2017.  For further information call the Chamber at (978) 283-1601 or email Peter Webber at

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