12 Charming Small Towns to Escape it All

Cape Ann made the list of FLIPKEY’s 12 Charming Small Towns to Escape it All! We were number eight on the list. Below is a blurb from the article and Cape Ann’s feature. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

Often overshadowed by nearby metropolises, America’s most charming small towns prove that bigger isn’t always better. Offering unrivaled peace and quiet and captivating local attractions, they provide travelers with the ultimate escape from the mundane of day-to-day responsibilities. Sounds pretty great, right?

Because small towns don’t always get as much mention as classic vacation destinations like Orlando or Wailea, we’ve rounded up the best in the country and ranked them in order of the most bookings on FlipKey in 2016. From the unspoiled beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains to the striking shores of Washington, there’s a small town for every traveler on our list. With less than 100 vacation rentals available in each place and populations under 60,000, these are the most popular destinations for travelers looking to live like a local. 

Number 8 – Cape Ann
Just 30 miles from Boston, Cape Ann feels a million miles away. Home to four coastal communities – Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea and Rockport – the area offers some of New England’s finest beaches and most charming town centers. Inhale the refreshing, salty air, snap a selfie in front of a lighthouse or lose track of time at a museum. Cape Ann is guaranteed to be a good time.

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